Christine Riley-Amazon Exploit Review : Good

Amazon Exploit Introduction

The digital product of Amazon Exploit is written by Christine Riley. It contains a main PDF,  product research spreadsheet file and three PDFs for bonuses. The main content is to teach you how to make money from Amazon affiliate program.

Three years ago, the author wrote a post related toilets and toilets item. It help the author sell about 400 items in amazon and  receive more than $5,000 commissions. How did the author do?

Sometimes people enter the product keywords into the shopping website, such as Amazon, Walmart , ebay etc., it’s not easy to find what they want. The search engine is far from perfect, especially  to find size or dimension of the product. That’s the amazon’s weakness, if you can help customers solve this problem, you can earn commission.


What I liked particularly about Amazon Exploit

About Keyword Research and  products selecting, the author spent most time to teach you how to do step by step. Finally you can find a great keyword and fitting product on amazon. That’s awesome and useful for me.

What I disliked about Amazon Exploit

The author said ” This is an ideal kind of site to match with Pinterest for more traffic. Pinterest has a heavy concentration of interest in home goods, remodeling, DIY, and home decorating.”.

I think the author should write something about how to get more and more traffic from Pinterest rather than providing a ideal website with nothing. That’s what I disliked most in Amazon Exploit.

Amazon Exploit Review : Good

I think Amazon Exploit is good but it is not suitable for beginners because they don’t know how to make a niche site by WordPress. If it has more content to make a niche site by WordPress, such as what is necessary WordPress plugins to benefit from Amazon, and how to get more traffic from Pinterest. It’ll be better.



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